Tax Resolution


Got a letter from the IRS?
Call Johan to clean up the mess!

Deprez Tax Law helps individual and business taxpayers resolve tax disputes with the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”), the California Franchise Tax Board (“FTB”), the Los Angeles County or Orange County Assessor’s Office, and other tax authorities.

There are many situations that require resolution with the tax authorities.  Common ones include: (1) disagreements on the amount of tax assessed, (2) failure to file tax returns and associated tax-related reports, (3) disagreement on who truly owes the tax, (4) disagreement on tax penalties, and (5) inability to pay tax currently or at all.

At Deprez Tax Law we help you determine and minimize the appropriate amount of tax due.  The initial letter from the IRS or another tax authority informing you of a certain amount of tax due is intended to start a discussion and may not be the actual amount of tax due when all the facts and circumstances are presented to them.  Common situations are: (1) where the IRS or FTB has certain information and determines their assessment of your tax liability on that potentially incomplete information, or (2) wants additional information in order to determine if the filed tax return is current.  Deprez Tax Law helps you determine the appropriate amount of tax due, assist in reducing penalties and interest, make payment arrangements, and, if needed, defend you at audit or other situations. In other words, we clean up your tax mess!!

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