Real Estate Tax Planning

Deprez Tax Law consults with individuals and businesses on a full range of real estate questions and assists them in planning for tax efficient outcomes.  The clients include homeowners, real estate investors, real estate agents and brokers, developers and contractors, and “fix and flip” operators.

Some key real estate situations that Deprez Tax Law consults on include:

  • Selecting the appropriate business entity (e.g., “C” or “S” corporation, limited liability company, etc.) for the real estate holdings or business;
  • Estimating taxes associated with the sale of homes and investment properties (residential, commercial, and industrial);
  • Long-term real estate portfolio accumulation;
  • Real estate agent and broker business structuring;
  • Fix and flip structuring;
  • Developer structuring;
  • Contractor structuring;
  • Planning for Section 1031 exchanges;
  • Business entity restructuring;
  • Property tax benefits, including filing to obtain the benefits;
  • Property tax valuation issues.