Business Tax Planning

Deprez Tax Law advises all different types of businesses on a broad range of tax matters.
Throughout the life cycle of a business, all decisions have tax implications. From the creation of
the business entity, through the growth and maturity stages, to the sale or closing of the business,
doing the right planning and making good decisions can result in significant tax savings.
Some key business decisions that benefit from tax planning include:

  • Selecting the appropriate business entity (e.g., “C” or “S” corporation, limited liability company, etc.);
  • Determining compensation for owners and key employees;
  • Structuring contracts with clients and suppliers;
  • Leases for buildings or equipment;
  • Buying buildings or equipment;
  • Obtaining loans and other financing strategies;
  • Restructuring the business entity;
  • Acquiring other businesses;
  • Selling all or part of the business;
  • Transferring the business to family or employees.