Property Tax Resolution

California Property Tax Issues

California property tax are governed by Proposition 13 and administered at the county level. The key characteristics of this system include:

  1. The maximum levy cannot exceed 1% of a property’s assessed value (plus bonded indebtedness and direct assessment taxes).
    1. 1.25% is a good rule of thumb for total rate.
  2. Increases in assessed value are limited to 2% annually.
  3. Only four events can cause a reappraisal:
    1. A change in ownership
    2. Completed new construction
    3. New construction partially completed on lien date
    4. A decline-in-value
  4. Deprez Tax Law assists property owners evaluate and apply for all the California Property Tax Exemptions, including:

    1. Homeowners’ Exemption of $7,000
    2. Veterans’ or Disabled Veterans’ Exemption
    3. Institutional Exemption
    4. Builders’ Exclusion
    5. Disaster Relief
    6. Eminent Domain – Proposition 3
    7. Parent/Child Exclusion – Proposition 58
    8. Grandparent/Grandchild Exclusion – Prop 193
    9. Exclusion for Seniors – Propositions 60 & 90
    10. Exclusion for Disabled Person – Prop 110
    11. Decline-in-Value Review

    Deprez Tax Law assists property owners in resolving property tax issues with all California counties (especially Los Angeles County and Orange County) and the California State Board of Equalization, such as:

    1. Rejection of Applications of the Above Exemptions
    2. Correcting Assessment Error
    3. Inappropriate Reappraisal Events
    4. Property Tax Liens
    5. Delinquent Property Tax Resolution
    6. Setting up Payment Plans
    7. Penalty Resolution