IRS Tax Resolution

Federal (IRS) Tax Resolution

Deprez Tax Law assists businesses and individuals in resolving a full range of tax issues with the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”). Common issues, filings, and representations include, but are not limited to:

  1. Disagreements on the amount of tax assessed
    1. Correspondence Examination
    2. Automated Underreporter Program
    3. Audit Defense
    4. Audit Reconsideration
    5. Appeals Representation
  2. Failure to File Tax Returns and Informational Returns
    1. Delinquent Income Tax Returns
    2. Delinquent Information Returns
    3. Delinquent FBAR, FACTA, and International Reporting
    4. Trust Fund and Employment Tax Issue
    5. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Reporting
  3. Disagreement on who truly owes the tax
    1. Innocent Spouse Relief
    2. Divorce Taxation
    3. Partnership Conflict Resolution
  4. Disagreement on Tax Penalties
    1. Penalty Abatement
  5. IRS Enforcement Action Representation
    1. IRS Collections
    2. Private Collectors working with the IRS
    3. Lien and Levy Issues and Removal
    4. Wage Garnishment
  6. Payment and Inability to Pay Issues
    1. Setting up full pay agreement
    2. Negotiating and setting up a short-term installment agreement
    3. Negotiating and setting up a long-term installment agreement
    4. Offer in Compromise (“OIC”)
    5. Partial Payment Plan
    6. Currently Not Collectible Status