Business Law

Deprez Tax Law is a trusted advisor to current and potential owners of businesses and real estate.

Real estate owned includes single family residences, multiplex residential rentals, small and medium commercial properties, and industrial real estate. Businesses advised include manufacturers, distributors, transportation companies, restaurants, retailers, and professional services.

Deprez Tax Law creates the business entities appropriate for different types of business and real estate situations and ventures. The relevant entities could be limited liability companies, “S” corporations, “C” corporations, or limited partnerships. By balancing the business, legal, and tax concerns, Deprez Tax Law helps select and create the appropriate business entities.

Deprez Tax Law advises on and creates agreements between investors for different types of projects. This may be as part of creating the appropriate investment vehicle or a joint venture between business entities.

Deprez Tax Law also structures business entities for foreign investors and their domestic partners. The foreign component adds significant legal and tax issues not faced in pure domestic situations.